Produced these Art Deco inspired New Years Eve designs working very closely with Generation Press. We used three layers of black over the Gold Majestic From GF Smith to get the right impact of gold. I will make a longer post about the process soon, but I couldn't help putting up some teaser photos. 

Be warned The Somerset House, Clifton, New Years Eve party is going to be one to remember. 
Some point of sale material I was commissioned to design recently. The plinth is cut from valchromat with two grooves milled into it so that the foamex boards can slide in. This makes it very easy to update the graphics as well as the POS being easily put together needing no tools. This is completely flat pack point of sale. 
Some branding I have been working on recently.
Some photos of the information graphic I produced recently. It is printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 100% Cotton Rag, pH neutral, Acid Free art paper, and a Clear Self cling from Folex: Folex Digiprint - IG/CLSC Clear Self adhereing 0.275mm.

Haven't opened cinema in a while and thought I would play around with some 3D type, using the random mograph effector. I then used photoshop to add in a background and colour the type a bit more. Check out Greyscale Gorilla for loads of tutorials. 

**Wish I rendered it with more fillet cap regions, they are a bit sharp.
I am getting some pretty authentic aesthetics. This style will be used as pull quotes throughout the book. I want them to look like gritty old boxing posters. 
I made some minor tweaks when I was coding it, pretty happy with the outcome. Check it out at 
Actually letterpress.