I am making a publication using a Sound piece by Emma L bennett as the basis. It will be printed on "display Media Clear by Image Perfect. Basically a nice clear plastic with a paper insert in-between each stanza. So you are seeing the two pieces together. I still need to work on the colour and final finish. 
A task to design a publication around a bit of text. Just a selection of spreads.
This was produced while working with will mower. It is a publication designed around housing and specifically looks at the correlation between the broken window effect and how people see themselves as members of smaller communities.
So just picked up the print and left it to be bound. Slight change of plan as it has already been cropped so it is getting Japanese bound with a double flat stitch. Using a blue stitch, hopefully this will work out better, Designing around problems.
Just some of the ideas I came up with for the front cover.