I woke up super early today, decided to catch up on some podcasts. So this comes via Design Matters. I try to follow this within my own work. 
See design with a broad lens, keep very nimble stylistically. 
Be intellectually curious. Think it is all great, don't distinguish 
between, I don't do this and I don’t do that. 

It is all design.

-Ken Carbone

A international typographic style inspired poster about the london underground. I decided to take a different take than normally seen and design this around my feelings when I am using the underground. It seems to me that we are herded around the underground and pushed into uncomfortable positions. Who says it has to be positive? It is going to be screen printed so stay tuned. 
Task to make some pixel art dimentions are, 16px x 16px, 32px x 32px and 128px x 128px. I have made them bigger here so you can see how they are created also they look better bigger!